Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Saw It

I saw it
Staring back at me
it stood
years in the making

A wall

The misery and death
The tortured, the wounded
The dying screams
And made a wall
Always present,
over everything, everyone
It is all there is
all I see

I carry them

Entirely our creation
We made this
The years of blankess
The tears and pain
The cries

I carry them,
in my head

We made this

Stop and stare and say:
I don't care
Let me be

Bullets pierce through silent air
Here is where life ends
The dead,
the hungry
images in newsreels
Snapshots of misery

Shock turns to fear turns to apathy
and finally
I don't care
I don't see

We made this

Laugh and turn your back
ignore the injustice
ignore the crime

It is building now
It is growing

Turn your eyes away
 leave your humanity

The other side, I see it
When light will pierce through
the black of our deeds
and the eternity of our apathy
When it will end

I see them now

They're waiting,
to be freed
For us to listen
to one day
heed the call of the
bloodstained roses

It will be soon
When sunlight will gently kiss your face once more
And the tears will burn away
where a smile will live

I saw it

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